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Old faded and yellowed images, Pictures that are cracked, torn, scratched and neglected at the bottom of your drawer. As time goes by things can only get worse until they disappear completely. Sadly lost forever.

Don't risk losing your precious memories to the ravages of time. Bring them out, look a them, reminisce and then think about what a great gift they would make for any occasion or how nice it would be to have these pictures looking like new and part of your life every day, proudly displayed in your home or your desk at work.

Cider Mill Studio's restoration specialists can also refurbish photographs damaged by dampness, water and flooding. You might be surprised at what can be done to bring back your heirloom photos that you thought were hopelessly lost forever.

Cider Mill Studio’s professional restoration service does more than restore photographs, we turn back the clock and restore happy times from the past. We also take restoration projects very seriously fully understanding how important your photographs are to you.

Getting your project to Cider Mill Studio

For more information and a no obligation evaluation of your images please send us an e-mail with your questions and concerns. If you are ready to order you can e-mail the Restoration Department for information on how to get your photographs to Cider Mill Studio. We are always happy to help you.

Information we need from you

Please include the following information whenever you contact Cider Mill Studio about your restoration project:

  • Your name, mailing and e-mail address
  • Your telephone number with area code
  • Any special information or instructions
  • How many prints of the restored images would you like and in what size

Cider Mill Studio will get back with you quickly

Once we receive your questions or your images to be restored, one of our restoration specialists will get back to you with any information you require as well as the cost to complete your job.

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Restoration Case Studies and Examples

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