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The only way to gauge how well we are doing is to hear from our customers. The following are taken from actual, unsolicited customer correspondence received at Cider Mill Studio. For their privacy customer names and addresses are withheld. All original documents are on file.

"I received my fine art calender. Your composition and use of light reminded one of Vermeer! I look at the months as crafted by you and am uplifted."

"Your Cider Mill Studio web site is terrific!  ...your photos look like paintings. I mean that as the highest compliment I can possibly give you."

“Nice job!”

“These images are beautiful.”

“We met when I purchased one of your photos at a shop in Skippack.  You mentioned that if I emailed you, you would send me your catalog. I have received quite a few compliments on your photo hanging in my living room.”


“Thank you, so much for coming to assist us on short notice.  You truly handled our group with kid-gloves and this photo certainly reflects your vision.  It’s great to have!”

“We wanted to thank you once again for the absolutely beautiful photographs. We are so happy with all the pictures. We also wanted you to know how nice it was working with you.”

“Beautiful work.”

“I was so impressed by the photography that (my friend) bought from you.  Your work is outstanding, and just the quality we are looking for.”

“I look forward to reviewing your catalog to see what other works you have.”

“The photos are beautiful. I am certainly a fan!”

“Love the prints. I really like that picture of the old Farmhouse too.”

“WOW, what amazing photos!”

“Your photos are beautiful. Glad you got them out there. Thanks for sharing.”