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Our Elevator Speech

Established in 1977, Cider Mill Studio provides fine art photography, photo restoration and commercial photography services to consumers, decorators, retail outlets and corporate clients. Services include licensed images for greeting cards, hotel and corporate office d├ęcor and television, movie and stage set decoration as well as unique products made with our original images.

The Bigger Picture

Cider Mill Studio is a small American business established in 1977 with one simple thought -- Art should be affordable to everyone.

Our images have been published in several magazines and newspapers. Some have appeared on greeting cards and in corporate environments as well as scores of happy bride's wedding albums. In 1987 we stopped taking wedding clients and began working in the genre of fine art and commercial photography.

Cider Mill Studio's background is in the visual arts, theatre arts, theatrical directing, lighting and set designing, national television broadcast production, stained glass and encaustic arts and Web development. We have a fervent love for photography and delight in crafting a journey through real and imagined visual landscapes.

Early work from 1977 to 2004 was done exclusively with film, although now digital technology is the primary medium used to capture and create images. We do still use silver based film (a.k.a Analog Photography) on occasion.

Digital imaging allows one to easily take technically perfect images but our work is less concerned with technical perfection. What we seek to present is pictorial expressiveness. You will find our work influenced by the use of lenses and devices of our own design and manufacture. We often use found optical devices, pinhole cameras, vintage cameras from over 100 years ago and sometimes we do not use a "camera" at all.

In the finishing of our work we often use Encaustic Wax and Impasto techniques on select images giving them a tactile feel that draws the viewer into a deeper relationship with the work inviting a closer look and even an interaction with it. Some of our images are printed on non-conventional and unexpected substrates like ceramic, stone, handmade paper, wood, plastic and others. These techniques and applications free us to create one-of-a-kind images of our own unique designs. We are always looking for ways to stir-up the status quo. These things are what sets Cider Mill Studio apart from the others.

In surrendering to our passion for photography, we find that sometimes the final image begins and ends with the camera . Other times the camera is only the beginning of a long and loving journey with a subject. The final image is not so much under our control as the photographer but lies in the essence of how the subject speaks to us once we find it.


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